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Best 10 Really Strange Places of the World

Best 10 Really Strange Places of the World

Here is a really interesting list of strange and remote places of the world.Each of the place has some special quality associated with it.Hope you would like the article.

1. Aurora Borealis

The local people call The Dance of the Spirits; the sight of this light formation on the sky is indeed mesmerizing. This phenomenon can only be observed at the North Pole and the formation Aurora Australis at the South Pole also has similar properties. In southern areas it is only visible from a very high altitude.

2. Spain, Rio Tinto

Scientists believe that the vast mines of Rio Tinto are geologically identical to the terrain of Mars. This river being acidic in nature has destroyed acres of land in the surrounding region and has also forced the nearby villagers to flee. This region is of great interest for the scientists because it is helping them to understand the geological terrain of other planets in our solar system.

3. McMurdo Dry Valley, Antarctica

The McMurdo dry valleys do not seem to be a part of this world. The terrain is very different and some weird species of organisms which are never seen anywhere else were found here. The amazing feature is the presence of Vida Lake and Onyx River which is the largest in the Antarctica. The Valleys are near the McMurdo station a home to researchers around 1,200 in number, so, the scientists come here usually to study the terrain.

4. The Richat Structure

This structure found in the Sahara desert is circular in nature and has a diameter of about 50 kilometers. It has attracted many of the scientists for the past few decades and the research is still being carried out to find the reason behind the formation of this structure in the middle of a featureless desert.

5. Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is a city is city in New Zealand located on the Northern Island. The Rotorua city is famous for the aroma it produces similar to the aroma of rotten eggs. Such aroma is created when the sulfur compounds from the earth are released into the air due to the geothermal activity in the region. Geothermal activity in the region is also responsible for the creation of mud pools and hot springs. Waters with partial color changes are also visible in some areas.

6. Fly Geyser

There are two such geysers in the Fly Ranch. One fly geyser is dormant and was formed centuries ago while the other was accidentally formed while digging a well and hitting a geothermal source. The fly geysers spray hot water continuously. The area is a private property so no visitors are allowed.

7. Spotted Lake, British Columbia

This is weird lake located in British Columbia. It is considered to be comprising of Alkali minerals. In extreme summers when the water from the lake is evaporated, only the minerals are left behind, which form huge spots of different colors depending upon the composition of the minerals.

8. The Bermuda Triangle

It is located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and is also considered called the Devil’s triangle by the local people. The Bermuda Triangle has baffled the scientists for centuries because all the ships or passing through this triangle are crashed and the disappeared for an unknown reason. After carrying out many research expeditions, scientists now believe that due to certain geological and atmospheric activities, the electronics of the ships and planes are jammed and are crashed. However, many are still working to find a justified solution for this mystery.

9. Kauai, Hawaii

It is the probably the oldest island in Hawaii. The lava ledges formed hundreds or thousands of years ago make small water falls within the sea. This island is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

10. Mount Roraima, Venezuela
It is the strangest of the mountains found in the world. Located in Venezuela, it is home to many mythical stories by the local people. The mountain is surrounded by 400 meter high cliffs from all the sides, and the only way to get to the top is by the natural staircase formed on the Venezuelan side of the mountain. On the top it rains almost every day, thus, taking away the nutrients of the plants to grow and leaving the land barren with a beautiful landscape.


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