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Biggest and Largest Ship in the World

Biggest and Largest Ship in the World

Biggest Ship in the World today

These days, cargo vessels are the largest ships around, and the king of these crafts is the oil tanker Jahre Viking, which logs in at 1,503 feet long and 226 feet wide. It boasts a gross tonnage of 565,000 tons!

However, you mentioned the Titanic, so to compare apples to apples, the two largest passenger ships in the world are currently run by Royal Caribbean International Cruises. The Voyager of the Seas and the Explorer of the Seas are 1,020 feet long and 158 feet wide. Both have a gross tonnage of 140,000 tons and carry roughly 3,000 passengers and 2,000 crew members. See if you can spot the ice rink, rock climbing wall, and in-line skating track on this handy diagram from a Popular Mechanics article. We have personally witnessed one of these beauties, and they are indeed massive.

By comparison, the Titanic was 883 feet long, 93 feet wide, and weighed 45,000 tons. It boasted a squash court, swimming pool, and a gymnasium with a mechanical horse. The Titanic could hold 3,500 passengers and crew members but carried life boats for just over 1,000. There were approximately 2,200 unfortunate souls aboard when the "unsinkable" ship encountered the iceberg.

As we all know, records are meant to be broken. How Stuff Works presents this intriguing article about a planned "floating city" that will be roughly the size of a mile-long stretch of 25-story-tall buildings. Passenger capacity? Fifty thousand.

The World's Biggest Ship

No cruise ship that has ever been built can compare to the enormity of Freedom Ship. Imagine a mile-long stretch of 25-story-tall buildings in New York City; now imagine that floating on the water. If you can picture that, then you get the general idea of Freedom Ship's size. At 4,320 feet (1,317 meters) long, 725 feet (221 m) wide and 340 feet (103 m) tall, the ship is taller than the length of a football field and wider than two football fields put together. And not only can a ship that size float on water, but it may be navigating the world's oceans as early as 2005.

Freedom Ship will be built on top of 520 airtight steel cells that will be bolted together to form a sturdy base. Each cell will be 80 feet (24 meters) tall, between 50 and 100 feet (15 and 30 m) wide and between 50 and 120 feet (15 and 37 m) long. These cells will be assembled to form larger units that are about 300 x 400 feet (91 x 122 m). These larger units will then be taken out to sea, where they will be put together to form the ship's nearly mile-long base. The rest of the ship will be constructed on top of this base. Norman Nixon, who developed the idea of a floating city, has said that it will take about three years to finish the ship once construction begins.

It will take a tremendous amount of engine power to push the gigantic ship through the water. The vessel will be equipped with 100 diesel engines that can generate 3,700 horsepower each. Developers project the cost of each engine to be about $1 million. That may give you an idea of how expensive the project is, although the total cost of Freedom Ship has not been released. The ship's high construction cost will be passed on to residents, who will pay up to $11 million to purchase living space on the floating city. In the next section, you'll find out what these residents will get for such a price.

Freedom Ship will have 17,000 residential units and will be home to more than 60,000 people, including residents and all of the personnel that will be required to maintain the ship. The floating city will continuously circle the world and will travel to most of Earth's coastal regions, offering residents the ability to see the entire globe without leaving their home. All of the ship's employees will be given food, housing, uniforms, medical and dental care and a continuing education program. The ship will contain all of the features that any modern city might have, including:

A $200 million hospital.

Hangars for private aircraft.

A marina for residents' yachts.

A large shopping mall.

A school system offering K-12 and college education.

A golf driving range.

Bicycle paths.

200 open acres for recreation.

A 3,800-foot (1,158-m) landing strip, which will serve private planes and some small commercial aircraft that carry no more than 40 passengers.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the biggest and largest Ship in the world. When we tried to find out which is the biggest Ship in the world we found this information. The information above on the biggest Ship in the world is gathered from various world record resources. So, the biggest or largest world record holder may change.

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