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Taking a Much Needed Mini-Vacation

Taking a Much Needed Mini-Vacation

People in the UK call them Mini-breaks; Americans call them weekend vacations. Whichever the names, if you’re planning a trip for you and your spouse or for the whole family, it can be a great way to blow off steam without an expensive budget. Finding the right way to spend your few days off can be tough, especially if you try to pack too many activities into one trip. You may end up having the opposite of desired effect – the need for a vacation from your vacation.

When planning your weekend getaway don’t invest more money or time then necessary. The key to the weekend getaway is relaxation. If you’re only leaving for a few days don’t travel too far. Consider your local options. The tendency, when vacationing, is to travel further from home, but you can have a vacation without spending money on expensive plane tickets. For example, if you live in the city, check out a bed and breakfast that’s in a scenic area within a maximum couple hours drive. It’s ideal if the spot is away from home, but not too far that you’ll exhaust yourself from driving.

Go on a camping trip. There’s tons of national parks just an hour or two away where you can set up camp and take in a bit of nature without exhausting yourself. Just remember not to plan too much. Make sure this is a fun experience for you and your kids. Just go and set up camp and sit back and enjoy the sunsets and stars while your kids are free to run and play.

If it’s just you and your spouse taking some time away from the family, do something special. Look for deals on Vacation Packages and plan a weekend trip to a spa where relaxation is mandatory. Leave the trip feeling pampered and refreshed after a weekend of massages and leisurely walks, while taking in the local sights. Treat yourself to some fine dining as well at one of the local restaurants or, even better, look for spa retreats that offer this feature as a part of their package. You probably don’t get many chances to have romantic evenings, especially if you have a family.

Don’t over think the vacation. Try to stay away from too much preplanning. Don’t be afraid of picking something spur of the moment. All of these options offer affordable ways to vacation if you find yourself in need of a little R&R. Consider some of these trip options and try to stick close to home. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

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