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10 Most Dangerous And Deadly Volcanoes Of The World

10 Most Dangerous And Deadly Volcanoes Of The World

All natural disasters are dangerous and cause causalities but volcanic eruptions are most scary and treacherous of all. Here is the list of some most deadly volcanic eruptions of the  world.

1. Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii

It is the world’s largest volcano in volume and area as its lava had covered 18,000 cubic miles of area. This mountainous range is situated near the island of Hawaii. The eruption is most damaging as it contains most liquid that causes things to fire up quickly. It got erupted last time in the year 1984.

2. Taal Volcano, Philippines

This volcanic mountain is situated in an island near Lake Taal; Philippine. This volcano has erupted many times and the most powerful eruption took place in 1991, which had caused serious damages near by and many people died and many became homeless.  

3. Ulawun Volcano, Papua New Guinea

This fatal, fierce volcanic mountain is located in Papua New Guinea and has erupted many times. The most deadly eruption took place in 1980 when the ashes flew up to 60,000 feets and lava scattered in all sides of mountain.  

4. Nyiragongo Volcano, Congo

This active and fatal volcanic mountain is located in Africa and in 1882 it erupted for 34 times. This volcano had always caused many damages and it made many people homeless in 2002.

5. Merapi Volcano, Indonesia

This volcanic mountain is conical in shape and is located in middle of Java and Indonesia. It is an active volcano and erupted for the first time in 1548. The material that flow down from the volcanic eruption is very treacherous as it is very speedy and can travel 12km in one hour only.

6. Galeras Volcano, Colombia

This huge volcanic mountain is located in Ecuador and is active since millions of years ago. It has been erupting continuously after year 2000. This is dangerous because it is erupts unexpectedly and hampers all the area around. It had made about 80000 people homeless in the year 2010.  

7. Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

This active and frequently erupted volcano is located in Kyushu Island; Japan. It is most horrible volcano as it has made world record of deadly eruption in the year 2009. It threw away rocks and stones and other fiery material while erupting.  

8. Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico

This mountain has emitted volcano for 20 times since 1519. It is located in Mexico. One of its greatest eruptions took place in year 2000 that have caused severe reimbursements.

9. Vesuvius Volcano, Italy

This volcano is famous for its perilous eruption since 79 years that caused huge destruction in Roman cities. The mountain erupts unexpectedly and frequently and is dangerous for 3 million people who live beneath this mountain. In 1994 most deadly eruption took place when lava erupted up till 1000 meters.  

10. Yellowstone Super-volcano, United States

This deadly mountain is most dangerous mountain of world that spit out lava and ashes and cause great destruction every time when it gets erupted. This is dangerous than other volcanoes because as it throw out lava and its eruption triggers neighboring mountains to shake and erupt as well.


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