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Tips to Have Safe and Healthy International Trip

Tips to Have Safe and Healthy International Trip

You can travel whole world in just 36 hours by air. Distances have reduced a lot so as airplane fares and you can travel any where you want in reasonable cost. The trend of traveling to other countries has increased among people. Some travel just to spend vacations, few travels because of business tours, and other travel to meet their relatives living in other countries. But one astonishing thing that is observed is that travelers also act as vehicle to transfer diseases from one place to other. It is responsibility of every traveler to take care of recipient countries culture, environment and people.

Now governments of many countries are taking steps to stop transfer of  disease and infections by fighting against unhealthy and unhygienic situation of country. This can be done by properly fixing the sanitary system of county. Proper vaccination, precautionary measurements, and prevention from infections and diseases can reduce the danger as well. Moreover timely diagnosis and prompt treatment of disease can reduce possibility of spread of diseases.

Before you are packing up your bags to travel abroad first thing to do is to meet your doctor 4-6 weeks before you leave.

Get your proper check up and look for any pre existing disease or disorders.

Get proper vaccination of every possible contamination.

Explore what you are allergic to that may include any food, medicine or any other thing.

Look for all possible risk factors as;
* Contaminated or unpurified food or water in recipient country.
* Environmental conditions that may not be suitable for you.
* Presence of germs, parasites and other wild life that you might be allergic to.
* Sexual intercourse that might increase risk of getting disease.

Some people are more prone to diseases as children, older people, pregnant women and weak fellows who have lesser immunity to disease as compare to healthy people.

It is very good habit to look for regular check ups from your doctor. Especially when you are going abroad get an appointment and get up to date vaccination. Vaccination is good prevention strategy that keeps one away from most of the contagious diseases and disorders.

The International Health Regulations have strong rules for the international travelers to get their vaccination and they ask for their vaccination certificate against yellow fever, small pox, and cholera and many other diseases like these. Moreover you will find scores of information regarding health tips and vaccination for international trips on other web sites.

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