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Finland, A Place for Water Vacation - Travel and Tourism

Finland, A Place for Water Vacation - Travel and Tourism

Republic Finland is located on the Baltic Sea between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, with borders with Sweden, Norway, and the USSR. Finnish territory includes the Aland Islands at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia; about one-quarter of Finland lies north of the Arctic Circle.

The nation is made up of Finns, Swedes, and some Lapps and Russians. Official language is Finnish and Swedish.

The capital is 450 years aged Helsinki.  It is served by several international airlines. The past here merges with the present through the architecture seen in the still existing churches, castles, and forts on one hand and malls, amusement parks on the other. Some of the major cities are Tampere, Turku, and Espoo.

Highest elevation is at the height of 1324 m in the Scandinavian Mountains. Chief rivers are Kemijoki and Tornio. Largest Lake is Saimaa, Paijanne, Nasijarvi, Oulujarvi, Haukivesi and Kallavesi. Climate is continental, moderated by maritime influences; sub-arctic in the north.

Finland represents a transition region between the Scandinavian Mountains or the Baltic Shield and the Russian Plain. The south eastern part of Finland includes the Lake District, which is dotted with thousands of lakes that fill ice-worn basins or moraine-dammed hollows. Some lakes are interconnected by waterways and so form a transport network.

In places the Lake District resembles an inland sea containing numerous islands. The largest rivers occur outside the Lake District, in the north. They are characterized by large volumes and steep gradients. Most rivers freeze over in winter.

Waterways form the backbone of the inland transport network, and the coastal and international shipping are also important. Finland also has roads, railways, and air routes that link the hinterland with the coast.

Finland is Europe’s most forested country, and woodland covers more than 70% of the total area. The forests are extremely rich in animal life, including the elk, fox, hare, lynx, and wolf as well as many bird species. The lakes abound in such fish as perch, pike, salmon and trout.

The stunning beauty of Lakelands is full of avenues for water sports. Moreover, the 98km long coastline is dotted with 315 islands. Enjoy the land with cruise. See the wilderness of Laplands and watch the summer time sun that sets for short periods in the areas lying beyond the Arctic Circle. It is an important tourist destination.

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