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7 Beautiful And Amazing Overseas Bridges Around the World

7 Beautiful And Amazing Overseas Bridges Around the World

Here are the worlds striking and vision appealing overseas bridges found in different locations of the world.

1. Fehmarn Belt Bridge

The 11.8 miles elongated bridge is known as Fehmarn Belt Bridge that is expected to be accomplished by 2018. Fehmarn and Lolland will be hooked up through it. It has been estimated that 2.2 billion dollars will be used in the erection. Though its model is stunning but there is trepidation of the destruction of wildlife due to its construction.

2. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

It is the first tilting bridge that is mesmerizing for the viewers. In 2002 architects of the viaduct were honored with the “Sterling Prize”. The over bridge has been made technically that hydraulic rams are attached at its end that allows the small ships to traverse. It has competence to stand adjacent to the immense fender-benders.  

3. Bering Straits Bridge

One of the most attractive bridges is Bering Straits. The spectacular bridge is proficient to elongate across 50 miles. It has been made to associate Asia, Europe and Africa with Southern and Northern America.

4. Erasmusbrug

In 1996 a bridge was raised to connect Rotterdam’s Southern and Northern parts. It has a strong visual petition and has been shown in the movie “Who Am I?” It is said to be the heaviest bridge of its kind.

5. Oresund Bridge

This stunning bridge was made when the need was felt to link Denmark and Sweden in 2000. Cars, trains and buses can pass through it without any complicatedness. 3.8 billion dollars was spent in its construction. Its elevation is over 669 feet. It has 81,000 tones weight. The overpass has the potential to hold over 60,000 people.

6. Tsing Ma Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge is said to be the largest bridge in the world. 900 million dollars were spent in its edifice in the year 1997. It presents a beautiful view at night when its lights are switched on. People from the world come to visit and witness its beauty.

7. Sydney Harbor Bridge

World’s widest bridge is said to be Sydney Harbor Bridge, it was built in 1932. Another name given to it is The Coat Hanger, due to its arched shape. 8 years passed while constructing the bridge spending about 12 million dollars.


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