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World Top 10 Economical Places

World Top 10 Economical Places

Are you looking for some exciting exotic places to spend leisure time in complete comfort and luxury? And are you also looking for such places that will not put strain on your pockets. So you are welcome to this site as I am going to tell you about most interesting and affordable travel destinations.

1. Sri Lanka

It is a striking island and is situated near subcontinent. Beautiful waters of Indian oceans are touching its boundaries. The temperature is mild. It’s the cheap destination to spend splendid holidays. You will surely have enjoyment on its sandy beaches.

 2. Nepal

Nepal is cheap, historic, eminent cultural and spiritual place. If you want to explore Buddhism and want to rejoice your soul with spiritual flavors then pack up your bags and apply to spend holidays in Nepal right now. You will also enjoy happening dishes and this place is filled with a variety of cultural colors.  

3. Iceland
Iceland is just like paradise on earth. It is filled with heavenly natural beauty. Spectacular scenes, volcano, beautiful nightlife, all will make your vocation a memorable event of your life. Moreover due to inflation Iceland currency has devalued much so this trip will not cost much on such a heart touching enjoyment there.

4. Mexico

It is always being a great attraction by backpackers all over the world. As this place is cheap so is liked by tourists’ a lot. It has many stunning and amazing sandy beaches and tasty food. Furthermore you will find many economical flight packages which will add charm in your trip.

5. Bulgaria

You can have peaceful, exciting and comfortable holiday trip in Bulgaria. This place is gifted by divine beauty as it has wonderful beaches. Its currency value is quiet low in international market so you can enjoy low-priced thrilling trip there.

6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most wanted and lovely holiday destinations for tourist. Due to credit crunch you can avail various discounts on this charming trip and this destination will be a best package for your leisure time.  

7. Thailand

This wonderful place is valuable for most of the tourist as it is cheap beautiful and unexplored. Overall charges for this tour are incredibly low and you can enjoy beauty of beaches, mild climate, and thrilling nightlife.

8. Budapest

If you are interested to explore historical architecture and eminent art then this place is best fit for you. It will not cost much for you and you will feel fresh and enthralled by exploring great art and museums of this city. There you will also find cheap flavorsome food and wine.  

9. Mumbai

Like other world the golden sparrow called as subcontinent and especially India have also crushed by global credit crunch. Due to which you can visit Mumbai, the amazing city of India well known for its culture and famous hotels. You can explore great life in this part of world. And this place can be truly a good addition in your holiday trip list.

10. London

It was once the most expensive and well known city of UK. Because of great depression all over world, this luxurious city has also lowered down its prices to fit to the demands of people. You can enjoy living in wonderful and luxurious hotels of England and can enjoy terrific night life and can empty your pockets by shopping in its exotic shopping areas.  


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