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Top 10 Experiences In Jordan - Travel and Tourism

Top 10 Experiences In Jordan - Travel and Tourism

There are so many amazing sights to see in Jordan, here are the top ten experiences that will leave you wanting to return to this fascinating country again and again.

Feeling the breezes at Wadi Mujib

On your journey south along the famous King’s Highway through the Jordanian hills, the landscape is suddenly cleft by a gigantic canyon, almost half a mile deep and two-and-a-half miles across. This is Wadi Mujib, dubbed “Jordan’s Grand Canyon” – and it will take your breath away. Literally.

Drifting through the Red Sea

Jordan’s beach resort of Aqaba hosts some of the clearest waters and best-preserved coral formations anywhere on the Red Sea. Whether you choose to snorkel or dive, make sure you give yourself the experience of drifting above the magical undersea world of brightly coloured coral (and very curious fish).

Taking tea at Pella

Overlooking the Jordan Valley, the under-visited site of Pella offers historical and archaeological interest – and a beautifully designed rural guesthouse, where you can relax on the shaded terrace and hear tales of ancient Jordan.

The view from Umm Qais

Up in Jordan’s north-western corner, the Roman city of Gadara – beside Umm Qais village – gazes out over a stupendous, unforgettable view that encompasses the Sea of Galilee and the immense Golan Heights rearing up across the Yarmouk valley.

Floating on the Dead Sea

Down at the lowest point on Earth, some 1,312ft below sea level, the Dead Sea is hot, flat, still and silent. It is also incredibly salty and buoyant: you couldn’t sink if you tried. Walk out from the beach and you’ll find your feet forced up from beneath you. Float your afternoon away, bobbing on the surface with views of the mountains all around.

Sunrise in the Azraq wetlands

Out in the eastern deserts of Jordan, the Azraq oasis includes a protected area of wetlands. Hole up in the isolated bird-hide here, located overlooking one of the reedy pools, for a morning of utterly tranquil birdwatching as the oasis comes to life.

The call to prayer from the Citadel

Perched high above downtown Amman, the Citadel Hill is topped by the columns of the ancient Temple of Hercules. Sit yourself on the wall here as sunset falls and you’ll be entranced as the call to prayer echoes out across the city simultaneously from dozens of mosques in the valleys all around.

Setting eyes on the Treasury

As you walk into Petra through the siq canyon, it’s as if you’ve been swallowed up by the mountain – the walls loom to 500ft on both sides, shutting out the sunlight in places. With your eye softened to the fluid curves of eroded sandstone, the sharp, clean lines of Petra’s famous Treasury facade come as a revelation. There is no more dramatic sight in all of Jordan.

A million stars at Wadi Rum

After an afternoon of exploring the sensational Wadi Rum deserts by jeep or camel, kick back at a remote campsite run by local bedouin guides for a traditional dinner and a night sleeping out under a crystal clear desert sky, studded with a million stars.

Sunset from the Dana Guesthouse terrace
In the mountains of southern Jordan, Dana village stands perched high above the Dana valley, centrepiece of Jordan’s flagship nature reserve. Install yourself on the terrace of the Dana Guesthouse for a sunset to remember, gazing west as the night sounds rise from the empty valley below.

Written by Matthew Teller from telegraph.co.uk

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