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4 Best Cruise Travel Destinations Of Europe - Travel and Tourism

4 Best Cruise Travel Destinations Of Europe - Travel and Tourism

Cruise ship travel is getting popular day by day.Whether it is family vacations or honey moon travel,cruise ship travel is always the preferred choice.Specially for the people from UK.Here is the list of most famous cruise travel destinations of Europe.

1. Greek Island

The most famous and preferred destination is the Greek island.The place is a beautiful amalgamation of the scenic islands plus amazing historical sites.There are places like Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes,not only this you can also go and visit the historical city of Athens.This route is undoubtedly the most classic one and specially for summer holidays.

2. Spain

The second ideal cruise travel route must be Spain.The reason is simply the destinations like Barcelona, Cadiz and Alicante.There are many historical buildings on the way.Delicious local food and soothing sunshine is the most promising point.Cruise travel to Spain will also give you opportunity to visit historical buildings.

3. Norwegian Fjords

This one destination would give you a really unique and ideal cruise travel through the vast array of fishing villages pristine hamlets and small cities which are situated against the backdrop of huge mountains, waterfalls and amazing glaciers.  

4. European river cruise

Passing through many rivers this routes takes you on a memorable cruise travel through the Rhine Gorge in Germany, ending up in the Northern Mountains of Switzerland passing through many beautiful castles, towns and villages.This route is definitely going to entertain you.Traveling on UK or Ireland cruise,you would have great chances of visiting marvelous places like Orkney Islands in Scotland and the great cities of Cork and Dublin in Ireland.


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