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10 Most Amazing Places TO Celebrate Christmas

10 Most Amazing Places TO Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is an event that is celebrated all over the world by people, no matter what religion or geographical location they belong to.This article provides you with the Best 10 Places of the world where you can celebrate Christmas and have extreme fun.

1. Santa Claus Village, Finland

Who won’t want to have Santa all around on Christmas? Pack your bags and go to Finland. This place is Santa’s best neighborhood and here people also serve him whole heartedly. No wonder, snow and reindeer dotted forests may offset your mood but "Santa Park" will surely set your mood up.

2. Bondi Beach, Australia

"Sun, Sand and Surf"–you can get all three most important ingredients of an awesome beach Christmas here at Bondi Beach, Australia. A different experience which will help you celebrate your Christmas enjoying the sunshine-very different from the usual snowy Christmas routine. Music will be all around you and the things you do not get to see at usual Christmas parties like sun blocks, swim suites and sun shades.

3. Bethlehem, West Bank

Jesus’ Birthplace is where anyone wanting to refresh the feelings of being attached to God will go. This place will let you celebrate Christmas in its purest form. the kind of energy you see in the Old City and on Manger Square on Christmas,lightens up the core of one’s being. No one would want to miss the opportunity of being at St. Catherine’s Church for Midnight Mass Service as clock ticks 12 at midnight.

4. New York, USA

Everyone knows tat the world’s largest Christmas Tree is lit at the Rockfeller Center in New York, USA. In early December people love to shop, window shop and ice skate here and during Christmas under this tree. Watching the Ballet performance of the Nutcracker is also a must.

5. Dublin, Ireland

At forty foot sea water pool, a morning swim is held on 25th in Dublin, Ireland. And the Christmas Market at Docklands with cheesy pantos, Christmas lights, ice skating, and markets and seasonal cheer in Temple Bar are held for 12 days when Dublin’s streets come alive.  

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

This village offers you a sunny Christmas with salsa and a side dish of spit-roasted pig starting from the early December till the Three Kings Day on 6 January. Churches conduct dawn masses rich with Christmas carols from mid-December and groups of carolers travel from house to house and make merry. On Christmas Eve big feast is held followed by Midnight Mass. For major season decorations go to City Hall on the Plaza de Armas and the fairy-lit promenade Paseo de la Princesa.  

7. Zurich, Switzerland

Mountains, snow, and cobbled streets make Switzerland a perfect place to celebrate Christmas. Guided Christmas-themed city strolls and the singing Christmas tree that comes alive on Werdmuhleplatz. The greenery and fairy lights covered triangular stage along with a choir of local youngsters sweetly delivers Christmas carols.

8. Midnight Mass, The Vatican, Italy

At Vatican City you can celebrate Christmas in its purest form. St Peter’s Square, Piazza Navona, and the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli on the Capitoline Hill will give you the feeling of purity and serenity. Most pilgrims are done in Vatican and Midnight Mass in St Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve you will remember forever.

9. Tokyo, Japan

Celebrating the new year is important than celebrating Christmas in Japan. The celebrations here are religion free and it is more of what happens when Christianity mingles with non-Christians. Between the dazzling and glittering lights and superb decorations Christmas and new year are celebrated. Christmas Eve is more like Valentine;s day when couples dance and romance. Fried chicken followed by sponge cake topped with cream and strawberries are served in feast.

10. Nuremberg, Germany

The magical Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market), in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt is the place to go on Christmas. Toys, trinkets, candles, gingerbread and sweets to shoppers warmed by sizzling bratwurst and mulled wine are sold on 180 stalls and if you will visit after dark, when the colored lights create a magical scene. You will just love doing Christmas shopping here.  


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