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World’s Most Beautiful Airports

World’s Most Beautiful Airports

 Incheon International Airport

“Since its opening in 2001, Incheon, designed by Denver’s Fentress Architects, has been a frequent presence at the number one spot on lists of the world’s best airports. Not only is it efficient and welcoming, it is intended to be a showcase of Korean culture. The bow of the roofline emulates a traditional Korean temple, the arrival hallways are lined with 5,000 years of Korean artifacts, and the airport’s wildly biomorphic train terminal is one of the few places on earth that still looks genuinely futuristic.”

Denver International Airport
“Denver’s airport, routinely voted the best airport in North America by business travelers, is beloved for its billowing roofline. The product of a hasty sketch by Denver-based architect Curtis Fentress, who had three short weeks to cook up a design concept, the airport features a Teflon-coated tensile fabric roof—the world’s largest when the airport opened in 1995—and looks like a village of giant white tepees. The airport is at its most beautiful when you approach by air from the east and see the glowing man-made peaks silhouetted against the Rockies.


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