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World Best Ice Hotels Views

World Best Ice Hotels Views

Could you handle sleeping in temperatures reaching -5 °C; rising at 4am to go dog sledding as a new day carves its way across a desolate, snow-drenched landscape? If so, then you’d appreciate a stay in one of the few, yet increasingly popular ice hotels that can be found in some of the most striking locations on the planet.

Without the risk of stating the obvious, an ice hotel is constructed predominantly of snow and ice, but does obey convention with minimal steel framework. As one would expect, their unique exterior is complimented by an even more audacious interior; with stunning ice sculptures greeting quests in the reception and twinkling, sub-zero chandeliers furnishing the rooms.

Sold yet? Well, if the architecture and design hasn’t, how about the chance to see the entrancing Northern Lights, partake in an arctic snowmobile trail or flirt with a polar bear? Ok, the latter isn’t actually true, but you get the point. If words don’t do ice hotels’ justice, then simply allow pictures to do the talking…

ICEHOTEL – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

We’ll start with the aptly named ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, which is supposedly the largest frozen resort in the world. Its inception as a humble igloo in 1989 is a far cry from the 5500 square meter structure today that spectacularly protrudes the horizon between the months of December and March. Each year artists from around the globe are chosen to design and build the hotels suites. So, if you’re considering a truly brrrr-illiant, one-off holiday, where snow dunes replace sandy beaches, then look no further.

Kemi SnowCastle – Finland

Situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, The SnowCastle in Kemi is one of the most renowned ice hotels in Finnish Lapland. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this winter, the turreted SnowCastle offers 33 Arctic-styled rooms, chapel, restaurant and art exhibition. It opens later than its competition – end of January to early April – but still captitalises from the local community and environment; making it a hot (you know what we mean) destination for tourists all around the world.

Hotel du Glace, Duchesnay, Canada

The Hotel du Glace is just 30 minutes west of Quebec City and is North America’s only ice hotel. If you happen to feel the cold, then you may struggle with the -5 °C average room temperature, even with the help of 4ft-thick walls, deer-topped sleeping bags and an endless supply of hot chocolate. However, what genuinely warms guests’ up is the hospitality and staff, making your stay memorable and frostbite-free.


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