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10 Haunted Hotels of United States

10 Haunted Hotels of United States

If you are an adventurous kind of a person, and like solving mysteries then you definitely should go through the list of the top ten haunted hotels mentioned below. Although it is not very easy to find a ghost in the hotels even, you may have to stay up all night, keep your eyes and ears wide open, and sense the changes in temperature and smell, but following the important rules you may have a close encounter with a restless spirit.Here is the list of top ten most haunted hotels of America.

Myrtles Plantation

This plantation has been considered by most Americans as one of America’s most haunted Hotels. The plantation is said to be built over and ancient Indian burial a la poltergeist, and if you still need more reasons to satisfy you that it is a haunted hotel, well 10 murders have been committed in the rooms of this hotel, now where the guests stay every day.

Queen Mary Hotel

There are several unexplained events that took place in this hotel. This hotel is actually a cruise ship on the long beach in California. Due to the supernatural experience on this cruise ship, it is also considered in the list of the most haunted hotels in the United States of America. Those who love to have some haunted experiences should definitely reserve a room in this hotel.

Hotel De Coronado

More than 37 paranormal activities have been observed in one room of this hotel on the first day, by the investigators. The hotel is said to be haunted by the restless spirit of Kate Morgan, a young girl who died near the hotel more than 100 years ago.  

Crescent Hotel

The building of this hotel is really old, and numerous odd activities and abnormal experiences have been reported by the guests in several rooms, lobby ad dining hall. The hotel is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Many investigators have visited this haunted hotel and you should definitely go for this one as well.

Stanley Hotel

Another hotel in America that has shown certain ghostly activities in many years. This was the hotel which inspired Steven Kings to write his novel “The Shining”. Steven Kings stayed in room no. 217 but room no.418 has shown the most abnormal activities in the past years.

Le Pavillon Hotel

Several ghosts have been identified by the investigators in this hotel, situated in New Orleans, and many more are expected to be present due to the rate of odd activities experienced by the guests who stayed in this hotel in the recent years. This is the most attractive place for all the ghost lovers.

Heathman Hotel

This hotel was constructed in Portland, Oregon many years ago. All the rooms in the row 03 are expected to be haunted but the room 703 is the major point of attention of all the ghost investigators.

Ramada Plaza Hotel

The hotel was constructed over the tunnels used by the Chicago gangsters to escape; these tunnels are now the basement of this hotel. Several unexplained events have occurred in the rooms of this hotel since then.

Carolina Inn

This hotel is located in North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Several investigators visited the rooms of this hotel and observed numerous paranormal activities. Nobody knows why this hotel is haunted; no such incident has been reported from the natives yet.

Sagamore Hotel

Various ghosts in the dining room, a ghost of little boy in the golf course and the ghost of lady in the white has been seen by a lot of guests who have stayed in this hotel. This hotel is in Bolton Landing, New York.


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