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Top 10 Tourists Favorite Countries of 2010

Top 10 Tourists Favorite Countries of 2010

Like each year,2010 has also been superb for tourism and tourists.There have been many destinations all over the world that were loved and visited by the tourists in 2010.Lets have a look at the most interesting list of top ten tourists favorite countries of 2010.

1. First of all is the El Salvador. The city is skipped by most of the tourists due to its stories of gang violence and civil wars etc. but most of the people do not know that these wars ended 20 years before and now it is a peaceful city. The city has a lot to offer you like the war museums and memorials, pristine forests, active volcanoes and alpine lakes.

2. Germany is a country which has been, like many others, rebuilt again and again. After 20 years of its last rebirth, it still has a lot of marks of its history. You will find the signs of 19th century harbor in Hamburg, or will see the doomed Frauenkirche church of Dresden again shining as a diamond. Berlin has the most open climate than any of the Petri dish of the world providing the best place for experimentation.

3. Greece, one the very few destinations in world that can claim to have something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the history, wander around the ancient ruins, have some sun bath idly along a beach or want to have party all night, Greece has everything for you. The dazzling clarity of light and water, floral aromas in the air and the Greek combination of ouzo and octopus will never let you forget this trip.

4. Malaysia, although milder than its neighbors Thailand and Indonesia but has a lot to offer you. The city has buses and trains with air-con and plush seats and international standard hotels. It provides you to look deeper into the culture of the South Asia.

5. Morocco is the city that has welcoming residents from different cultures and religions like Berber and Arab, Muslim and secular, Mediterranean and African. You will find them in a haste to accomplish their works, passing by you. Their great king planned to have almost 10 million visitors by 2010 and they have to greet the visitors, as a duty by their king. They will greet you as sweetly as they can and would expect you to greet them back. Every visitor is an economical opportunity for the residents.

6. Nepal is the highest point on the earth with the highest peak of the world. Over the last decade, Nepal has faced a load of problems. But the year 2008 was of the rescue that changed each and everything making it peaceful again.

7. With spectacular landscapes abound, from sea-level rainforests to plunging glaciers, geothermal springs and barren volcanic plains, New Zealand is strongly recommended in the list. The friendly wildlife, proud Maori culture, and fine food and drink are the wonderful experiences one might have while visiting the country.

8. Portugal, once the great seafaring nation, now consists of two parts. One with great tradition, of saints-day festivals where ox-drawn carts still lumber through flower-strewn streets, and ancient vineyards bring sleepy medieval villages to life during the annual harvest, whereas, the other has a new wave of boutiques, art galleries and cafes finding new homes in once crumbling old buildings. The locals are beginning to discover the allure of vibrant downtown areas.

9.   Suriname is the smallest country of South America in both area and population but is the most diverse of all the cities. Three quarter of its population consists of Chinese, Javanese, Jewish, Dutch and Indian laborers that arrived in the 18th century, and West African slaves in the 17th. With such a cultural and religious variety, the Suriname city is known for its peaceful coexisting culture. In the city with everyone speaking different languages, celebrating different holidays, worshiping in different temples you will feel like visiting several countries at once.

10. Whether it is due to Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln’s 20th birthday or the recession of the tightened budgets but the America is back on the list again. Visitors love to see the traditional American historical sites, starting from Washington DC’s freebie zone of museum and heroic moment.


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