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Sanyo VPC-GH4 camcorder Dual - Camera Full HD

Sanyo VPC-GH4 camcorder Dual - Camera Full HD

Sanyo VPC-GH4 is the latest camcorder Dual-Camera Full HD launched by Sanyo that can be used to record video and also took photos. Quite unique as they call it Dual-Camera because this camcorder can able to 2 functions zoom, one for the camcorder and another for digital camera functions.

Sanyo VPC-GH4 has a 10x dual-range zoom for video and 5x optical zoom for digital camera. For the video itself, this camcorder can take video images with Full HD formats (1080p, 60i), while for the photos could produce 10 MP.

Another advantage of this camcorder is an advantage for those of you who like to share videos to social networking or YouTube also because in it there is already an application to make it easier to share video or photos.

Applications are already installed in this camcorder allows us to upload videos and photos easily without having to install the application into a PC, so on any computer you can upload videos and photos.

You only need to connect the camcorder to any computer via a USB connection then in a flash application on the camcorder will appear and can immediately start uploading videos/photos.

Other specifications are:
- 2.7-inch screen size that can be rotated (swivel)
- High Speed Sequential Photo Mode
- Video and Photo Image Stabilizer
- Take photos at the time was taking / recording video
- SDXC Memory Compatibility (over 64GB SD Cards)
- Can also use the Eye-Fi memory card.
- Highly Advanced AVC/H.264 Video Compression MPEG4
- Lithium battery that can be used till 60 minutes to record video

One more advantage, the price Sanyo VPC-GH4 is also affordable at US $199.99.


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