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Making Food Swaps Can Make Your Fast Diet More Successful

Making Food Swaps Can Make Your Fast Diet More Successful

Often, every day food and drink can be easily swapped for alternative foods that will make your fast diet more effective and successful.

It just isn't realised that the different calorie contents of every day foods can have an enormous impact on our efforts to lose weight...

Making food swaps can mean that you can have a few 'naughty' foods now and then because you can choose foods that won't have a negative effect on your weight loss regime...

For example a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding is a great and substantial meal but an average portion has approximately 600 calories. By having beef casserole with mashed potato and vegetables instead means you eat less than 400 calories. What a saving - 200 calories!

If you fancy a bottle of beer at 160 calories you can swap for a glass of white wine and save more than 50 calories!

Meeting a friend for a coffee? If you swap your latte at 200 calories and have a skinny latte made with skimmed milk instead, you'll almost halve the calorie content to 120 calories. You can still have your caffeine fix and the full coffee taste but you'll reduce the number of calories you're taking in.

You'll save 100 calories by swapping a packet of crisps - 290 calories - for plain popcorn at 190 calories. Another swap for crisps could be a handful of nuts instead. This way will also reduce your salt intake.

You may love biscuits - who doesn't? But when you realise that a single chocolate chip cookie has a massive 170 calories it could make a banana or apple a more attractive alternative with only about 100 calories.

A further problem with biscuits is that they don't come as single biscuits. You have to buy a packet of them. And who can eat just one chocolate biscuit? I know I can't and you're probably the same! The easiest way is to avoid buying them in the first place! It's difficult to do when faced with them on the supermarket shelf, but it's worth the effort. You then don't have that awful fight with temptation when you know they're only a few feet away in the kitchen cupboard!

Think about it... Swap the foods mentioned earlier for their healthier alternatives and you can reduce hundreds of calories from your diet every day. It may not sound as that will make a great difference, but if you can reduce 500 calories each day, that's one pound every week. Don't forget that we're not talking about eating less food here but just different types of food!

When you realise one pound a week can be lost just by making swaps, think of how you can reduce weight when you cut down on other foods too... The results can be amazing... And you'll be healthier and happier...

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