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10 Reasons To Travel To Australia

10 Reasons To Travel To Australia

Stunning beaches, amazing weather and hopping kangaroos is what you expect to see when you think of Australia as a travel destination, but there is truly a lot more in Australia to see other than the beaches, weather and kangaroos. Adventure and tourist activities just never end when it comes to Australia. The 10 vividly important reasons to travel to Australia for your vacations are described below.

1. The Morning and the Sunshine!

The pleasant sunshine in Australia is something that should never be missed, the weather is pretty much similar the whole year and there is even a possibility for an endless summer experience if you travel up north when the southern areas get a bit cold. The advantage of having a constant weather is that you can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, camping and hiking no matter which season you arrive in.

2. The Language is ENGLISH!

Most of the time when tourists go to several European countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden etc, they have to face a lot of difficulty in communicating with the locals because most of the locals in these countries do not speak English, which is an international mode of communication. But Australia has English-speaking locality which is very helpful to the tourists because they can communicate very easily and enjoy the all the travel destinations. Another good thing is the Australian English accent, which is very refreshing and amusing as well.

3. Tasty Foods

Australia being a multi-cultural country has plenty to offer when it comes to food from different cultures. It is quite easy to find Indian, Thai, Spanish, and Italian or Chinese you name it! All the foods are available at their best. Other than the foods from different countries, the Australian foods are a MUST try. Kangaroo, known for its incline meat quality, is available in all restaurants throughout the country whereas, crocodile and camel meat are rare occurrences. If you are considering for a more conventional enchantment, there is vegemite, Aussie’s favorite to be exact, available at any shop or convenience store.

4. Natural Beauty

Travel to Australia offers beautiful views, from coast to coast all the year around. Where else can you find the light blue sky meeting the deep blue sea, or a tropical waterfall? There is so much in Australia intact and left to be viewed. Whether it is camping in the shadow of the stars or swimming and surfing in crystal clear beaches, the natural beauty of Australia will entertain you and you can never get enough of it.

5. The Exceptional Wildlife

Tourist usually think that kangaroos are the only unique species in Australia when it comes to wild but in fact there is much more, Koala bears and the wombats are unique creatures on these lands, on the other hand cockatoos and kookaburras rule the sky. It is also advised by the rangers to maintain a slight distance, because not only kangaroo’s box and kookaburras steal the steak but there are certain animals which might look calm but can be fatal when they attack such as crocodiles.

6. The Laid-Back Culture

The Aussies never miss a chance to enjoy their holidays as a part of their fast-paced lives. The laid-back culture in Australia seems to be amusing. However, there are very few restraints which provide 24 hour service or shopping malls which are open 24/7 but still the people don’t mind, because there are still many other ways they have found to enjoy their lives.

7. The Stunning Architecture and Amazing Cities

Australia has surprisingly incredible modern architecture to introduce to the new world, the shopping malls and even the office buildings are beautifully designed. The big cities and the fast public transport system make it very easy for the tourists to travel to all the sights without any difficulty or without using cabs. Another good aspect is that all the big cities are always connected to the beaches. The night clubs in Australia makes the night life enjoyable as well.

8. The Locals

If you are the new guy in Australia and need help with anything, you can always ask the locals for help, they are all very respectful and with good behavior, you might find their accent a bit weird in the beginning but you will get used to it in no time. America’s favorite take-home chef, Curtis Stone, can be found on television daily. In addition you might find some pretty ladies and on the beach and some cute lifeguards as well.

9. Seeking Solitude?

Well, if you are tired and have had enough of the hustle bustle of the mega cities then you might find out that there are wide open spaces in between the cities when you decide to get out. Do you know that if you travel 15 hours west of Sydney, you might still be in the same state of New South Wales? The travelers usually don’t realize the vast size of Australia until they arrive here. So, if you are seeking for solitude, away from all the noisy cities, then you must get a car on rent, step on the gas and start driving in any direction out of the city.

10. Music and Entertainment!

It does not matter if it is art, food or music; the Aussies have got a festival for it and are full of life of course. Every year there are big musical concerts held in the major cities. The food lovers also get to see a lot of food festivals that deal with international foods or just one in particular, for example, the mango festival held in November in Broome. These festivals attract worldwide attraction every year.

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