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Unusual Buildings In Australia

Unusual Buildings In Australia

Skyscraper Vision, Brisbane. 72 - storey residential building, floor level (review) floor which will be located at a height of 238.5 meters. Over 50% of apartments in it have already been sold.

In the form of the hemisphere met the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra. Locals call it the needle, because it resembles an ice hut Eskimos. Among other attractions allocated tower belfry Karilon, vzmetnuvshayasya in the sky a triangular column.

Here is a series of buildings in which there are art galleries, cinemas, museum, exhibition space, restaurants, bars and shops surrounding the two main places of public assembly, one of which is under the roof (Atrium), second in the open

Part skyscraper MLC Center, Sydney. One of the tallest buildings in Australia in height 228 m. In its 60 floors. Construction finished in 1977.

Rialto is the sixth highest building in Australia. Like most of the skyscrapers, the premises it uses for offices, branches and offices of various companies.

View of Melbourne from the platform reviews Rialto Towers.

Webb Bridge, Melbourne. A single amazing project covering the bridge, causing a feeling of comfort and admiration for his entertainment, combined aspects such as security and admiration, artistic sensibility and respect for the concept of architecture.


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