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Tablet PC Concept Combines Touchscreen Phone with iPad-like Device

Tablet PC Concept Combines Touchscreen Phone with iPad-like Device

Today we’re constantly going to be reminded of the iPad and the fact that Apple is taking pre-orders of its first-gen tablet. On the other hand we already know that there are plenty of tablets scheduled to arrive in the following 12 months alone with more hitting stores in the more distant future. So let’s look at a very interesting concept that combines the smartphone with the tablet in order to offer us a laptop-like device ready to take communication to the next level.

This Tablet PC in the picture here happens to rely on an iPad-like tablet with full touchscreen support and on a smartphone in order to offer you a full computer-like experience. The tablet/eBook reader/laptop and the smartphone already shape up to be two very important companions for the modern (wo)man, so why not use a device like the one in the picture.

It’s a regular tablet that can help you navigate the web, enjoy multimedia files on the go, read eBooks and possibly play with apps. And then when you need a full QWERTY keyboard in order to finish up work-related chores, write up long emails or even update your Twitter status, the touchscreen smartphone that comes bundled with the tablet PC will be unfolded to reveal such a full QWERTY keyboard. Pretty neat concept, don’t you agree?

The tablet in question seems to be a 7-inch machine that comes with accelerometer support, touchscreen display, cellphone capabilities and Chrome OS/Android OS running in the background.

The smartphone, or better called the cellphone, features only a touchscreen keypad, camera and microphone. Everything else, including the cellphone features, are found on the tablet which means you’d only need to use the handset/folding QWERTY keyboard for phone calls only.

The tablet PC here is just a concept and there’s no telling when we’ll see such a device. But what seems to be sure is that more tablets are coming in the near future and some of them might be running Google’s Chrome OS sooner than expected.


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