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Sony Ericsson W595 Sakura Mobile Phone Review: A New Design Blossoms

Sony Ericsson W595 Sakura Mobile Phone Review: A New Design Blossoms

Video calling is a very attractive new feature which is possible thanks to a second camera which is mounted to the front of the phone. The quality of said camera is so-so, but considering you only use it to make video calls and the one the back to do your photography, it’s fine.

The 3.2MP camera isn’t of a very good quality. Sony Ericsson has been able to get away with this in other models because the Cyber-shot software has been able to bring out the best in the photos. An absence of this in the W595 means that your shots can be grainy at times in poor light.

The buttons are really nice to use and navigating around is a delight on this phone. Sony Ericsson have had an awful habit of sticking a really impractical joystick on the front of their phones in the past – luckily, this doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore and isn’t with the C510.

What’s so special about the ‘Sakura’?

The design on this phone is glorious and the special edition design of the Sakura model is something to appreciate. Sony Ericsson have definitely geared this phone to people who care about their phone’s appearance, and looking at the phone makes you wonder how you could not.

The phone has a lovely cherry blossom design on the phone, which consists of a floral pattern on the outer casing. It’s an exclusive design which stands out from the launch colours of blue, white, grey and black – the tapering and the smooth sliding out of the keypad seen in all models heavily appealing.

The Walkman has made its mark

The third version of the Walkman software, built into the W595 has established some excellent features when it comes to how you play your music. With shake controls that are a little on the gimmicky side but still fun when you are getting acquainted with your phone, you may find yourself more preferential to the music controls which are on the front on the phone when the slide has closed.

It’s a thoughtful phone

The last feature that sticks out from all of the regular features you see in a phone as standard is the WalkMate that is built-in - your very own step-counter, on a phone! It was so fantastic to use. it can be said that it deserves its very own sub-heading for just being there. Brilliant.

The c510 is a thoughtful phone - it is practical, good-looking and does what it says on tin. Sure, the shake controls are a little gimmicky, but they have done well to make sure that the phone hasn’t tried to be too clever with the consumer.

RATING: 4.5/5 - The W595 Sakura is an inoffensive phone and can please all. It has music features for the audiophile, a very eye-catching and exclusive design for the fashion conscious and a decent enough camera for those that are shutter-happy. The high rating is because Sony Ericsson has seemed to do it on this phone with simplicity, building on the successful elements from the previous model in the range.

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