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Sony Bloggie CM5 Features and Reviews

Sony Bloggie CM5 Features and Reviews

After a lukewarm entry into the mini HD camcorder market with last year’s Webbie, Sony returned to CES this year with a batch of cams ready to roll with the likes of the Kodak Zi8, Flip MinoHD, and Creative VadoHD. They’re called Bloggies. Despite the cutesy names, both the Bloggie CM5 and PM5 boast features that none of the aforementioned cameras bring to market.

The more expensive CM5 adopts a forward-shooting pistol-grip configuration, and more importantly, a 5x optical zoom lens, similar to Aiptek’s Action-HD GVS. It uses a 2.5-inch LCD that unfolds from the side like a wing then twists into viewing position. The extra features make the CM5 lose a bit of the pocketable charm that has made this class of camcorder so attractive, but the 5x zoom might make it a suitable hybrid for buyers not quite ready to step up to a full-size, full-price camcorder.

Both cameras shoot in full 1920 x 1080p resolution (unlike last year’s Webbie, which claimed 1080p but shot in 1440 x 1080) and take 5-megapixel still shots. They record to SD cards, making them the first Sony camcorders to bow to that universal standard. The CM5 is available immediately for $200, while the PM5 will arrive February 1 priced at $170, or $190 for the PM5K.


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