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New Year Resolutions For Healthy Diet

New Year Resolutions For Healthy Diet
The long tradition of New Year's resolutions continues with fervor each dawning year. In fact, one of the most common resolutions people make these days is to start or to actually abide by a healthy diet. Of course, for some people the term healthy is not seriously thought of and fad diets are sought after. For your New Year's resolution to be beneficial and for it to actually stick, what you need is a healthy diet. This means that you can put aside all crash diets and diets which advise only certain foods, and start planning a holistic one which will leave you feeling better and healthier.

To begin with, you should resolve to include as many vegetables and varieties of fruits as you possibly can in your daily meal plan. You need not begin all at once, forcing yourself to completely change your dietary habits. Smaller changes may be brought about, by simple alterations in meals every single day. The method of substitution usually works, where unhealthy meats such as red meat are substituted with a single serving of vegetables. In this manner, the servings of healthy foods should go up, slowly replacing the unhealthy varieties of foods in your diet.

You can even gradually introduce options such as steamed fish and lean meats without the extra gravies and sauces. Simpler meals not only save time and effort but would also be better for your health if you learn to forgo the fattening creams and rich gravies. You should also be wary of packaged or quick foods that come in all kinds of flavors and added colors since you are better off without these additives and artificial foods. Thus, when given a choice, opt for wholesome home cooked meals and stick to fresh foods.

While vegetables are great for you, these are best served in your plate raw rather than overcooked with oils and other fats. To help you stick to this resolution, make the necessary changes in your surroundings, such as getting hold of nonstick cookware to cut down on the total amount of oil used. One also has to remember that such a New Year's resolution would be incomplete without a resolution to stick to moderate exercise.

Without this, you will find that you do not benefit that much from your new resolution. This does not entail a new gym membership which you use once in a few months. Rather, this would mean simple exercises or making a start, such as a walk which is undertaken on alternate days.

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