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How to Effectively Lose Belly Fat

How to Effectively Lose Belly Fat

Beer belly or pot belly, no matter what you call it, the flabby belly that wiggles at the slightest hint of movement is definitely a sorry sight. Large, pot sized belly is the direct outcome of unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. While obesity has become a national catastrophe, belly fat continues to shatter the self confidence of millions of people. Apart from playing a great hindrance to one's physical appearance, belly fat also poses a great danger to an individual's health. Carrying pounds of excess fat around belly for years, increases the chances of acquiring heart diseases. Hence, it is imperative to lose belly fat as urgently as possible. Given below are some healthy ways of 'how to effectively lose belly fat'.

How to Effectively Lose Belly Fat: Tips

Dietary Changes
Healthy diet is the solution to this problem. Interestingly, it is also the cause of most of your worries related to health. Belly fat is a result of years of consumption of poor quality food that lack nutrients. Moreover, this unhealthy diet regime adds to the amount of cholesterol, which could endanger your cardiac function. Hence, if you really wish to effectively reduce belly fat, your first step should be making necessary dietary changes.

The word 'diet' need not always mean starving yourself or living on carrot sticks. Essentially, diet means eating healthy substitutes for unhealthy ones e.g instead of refined grains, you can eat whole grains, or instead of red meat you can switch to lean meat or poultry. Thus, you can reduce your belly fat without cutting down on your food intake. More on foods that burn belly fat.

Exercises do help a great deal in losing weight and maintaining a lean frame. However, not just any exercise will work for your belly fat. You may keep working out throughout the day for months and still not notice an inch of reduction in your belly fat, if you perform random exercises never meant for stomach fat reduction.

Cardio exercises are a great way of reducing stomach fat. Walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes a day, can bring about noticeable reduction in your belly fat. A combination of alternate walking-jogging session is more effective than individual walking or jogging activity. If you are planning to join a gym, you can always ask your gym instructor to suggest a workout to effectively lose belly fat.

Do not opt for weight loss programs that assure you of quick weight loss or drastic reduction in belly fat within a week or so. More often than not, such programs adopt unhealthy ways of reducing weight and hence, the weight that you lose through such programs often comes back to haunt you. More on exercises to lose belly fat.

Healthy Living
Unhealthy lifestyle is the main culprit of belly fat. Hence, you must ditch your old lifestyle and adopt a new healthy lifestyle, in order to achieve a flat belly. Cut down your consumption of alcohol and caffeine beverages. Similarly, quit smoking for its myriad disadvantages. Avoid staying up late at night or having late meals. If possible try out meditation or yoga programs to relieve stress and have a relaxed state of mind. Decreasing your dependence on machines and doing certain things manually can also help you reduce belly fat. For instance, instead of taking a lift, you can simply take stairs or instead of taking a car to travel a distance of few blocks, you can simply take a walk or ride a bicycle.


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