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10 Best Home Based Business

10 Best Home Based Business
Due to recession many people in our country have lost their jobs, and I was one of them. But instead of sitting at home and cursing my fate, I thought of starting my own business. The only hitch was that I had no clue of starting a business. So I began researching on various businesses that one can start from home and came up with my own list of top 10 best home based businesses. Since recession has affected each one of us very badly, I thought of sharing this list with you so that you too may benefit out of it, i.e., if you are planning to start a work at home business. So here is the list for you.

10 Best Home Based Businesses

If you have an inclination towards academics and you love being with children, then out of the 10 best home based businesses, tutoring is the one that will suit you the most. For finding out the possibilities of such a business, you may contact the school principals in your area. You can teach children at schools or you may even teach them at your home.

Web Designer
If you have the required skills and creativity to design websites, then you can turn this into a business. Creative and innovative web designers are always in great demand, hence, web designing is among the top 10 best home based business in my list. Read more on work from home computer business.

Exercise Trainer
If exercising and staying fit interests you, then you can start a business by being a personal trainer. For this you will have to visit your clients in their homes and then teach them exercises as well as create workout routines and diet charts for them.

Business Consultant
If you have any experience in marketing, advertising or management in general, you can become a business consultant. You can consult businesses regarding what marketing strategies they should follow or suggest advertising techniques that will work best for them. If you have experience in management, you can even consult people on the businesses that they can enter into. Read more on how to start a consulting business.

Interior Designer
If you are constantly trying to match the color of the walls in your bedroom with the color of the curtains, then interior designing is the best out of the 10 best home based businesses list for you. You may start this business, by first of all asking for work among your friends and family, who have just purchased a new house or who are looking forward to renovating their house. Getting the first assignment can take time, but if you do it well, then through word of mouth, you would not face problem getting new assignments. Read more on home based business opportunities.

Clothes Boutique
If you are creative and have a natural knack for mixing and matching your clothes,then you can start your own clothes boutique in your house itself. If you have the caliber to design clothes, you can even consider starting your own clothes line in the future. Read more on how to start a clothing line.

Event Planner
Another of the businesses which is among my 10 best home based business list is event planning. You can start by planning people's birthday parties and anniversary parties, and then move on to planning weddings and office functions. Read more on event planning.

Daycare Center
With men and women both working these days, there is always a great demand for a daycare center for children. A day care center for children is quite lucrative among the 10 best home based businesses. Of course, to start such a business, love and concern for children is a prerequisite. Read more on how to start a home daycare.

Gift Maker
If you have an inclination towards craft activities, then you can make gift items and sell them to individuals as well as corporates. During Christmas, corporates are always looking for innovative gifts to give to their employees, this is where you can step in. You can create some innovative gift items or prepare some gift baskets and sell in bulk to the businesses. Read more on lucrative businesses to start.

If you love to cook, you can offer your services as a personalized chef at various functions and parties. You can also start a catering business and supply food items, for personal parties as well as corporate functions.


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