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Necessary Steps to take Before buying a Bike

Necessary Steps to take Before buying a Bike

Bikes are the Greatest Dream of youngsters and old timers alike. People want to just go get on the bike on cruise…enjoy the wind blasting at your face, jumping the traffic, hear greatness of oneself from other and boast about yourself to others AND least of all get people to Admire you(particularly the Ladies :D). But just buying a bike and riding it ain’t enough….u need make sure the bike holds together when u are riding and will last a couple years before you sell it. All bikes come with company warranty when the bikes purchased. Its usually 20,000+ kms/1 year, which varies with each manufacture. The owner must make certain about such matters. Let’s look at the things to be considered while Booking a bike:-

• Check Out The Dealers In The Area
  1. Be sure to visit all the dealers of the bike in mind.
  2. Try to get information of the dealers from friends and others.
  3. Be SURE there won’t be Problem with availability of Spares.
• The Price Should Be Certain
  1. Lookout for factory discounts and rates.
  2. Also be certain not to miss out on seasonal discounts and introductory prices.
  3. Try to bargain as much as possible.
  4. Ask for extra perks as in extra things like horns, covers etc.
• Bargain For Tidbits
  1. While finalizing a deal ask for tidbits like crash-guard, saree-guard, signal beeper and extras
• Test Ride
  1. Always ask for a test ride because then only will you be able to know whether you can handle the bike.
  2. Even though the dealers usually keep the ‘Test Ride’ bike in smooth and clean condition, you might able to find some of the problem with it with a test ride.
• Bike Delivery
  1. Once the whole deal of the bike is set, ask for a quick delivery.
  2. Visit and frequently call everyday to speed up the process.
  3. If delivery promise is not kept, contact Regional Manager (Marketing), who would speed up the process faster.
  4. Pray to god that they didn’t cheat you.

• Make Certain That You Are Getting A Fresh Unit
  • The bike you are getting should not be one the outlet is using as a ‘Test Ride’ bike.
  • The Bike should look the part, i.e., its paintwork, body panels and other parts should be fresh and not faded.
  • Paintwork is factory colour and not local paint work.

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