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How To Maintain a BIKE

How To Maintain a BIKE

Initial Precautions
During the 1st 1000kms of the bike, you must be careful not to over-speed the bike over the advised limit which is usually 50kms/hr or 5000rpm.

Also use only advised type of petrol, usually unleaded type.

And add de-carbonizing additives which makes the engine cylinder last longer and helps with economy or mileage.

Take the bike for service at the required period or kms.

The Mechanic must be told of any problems the bike has.

Also check bike completely after service by a test drive and get them to rectify any problem that cropped up.

Even After your bikes service, if unexpected problems crop up, Take bike to service center and demand them to get it fixed.

Bike Condition
Always Check the bike for the following
1. Tyre Condition.
2. Tyre Pressure.
3. Working of signal lights and headlight.
4. Chain fit, Whether it is loose or tight.
5. Leaks.
Parts And Spares
When a Part is damaged try to go for Original parts Available
At authorized dealers.


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